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Meet Us

Our Registered Massage Therapists:

Tara Holberton, Owner, RMT, CECP – Sherwood Park

I am the mom of 3 beautiful, smart, active teenagers. I have had many different jobs and businesses over the years but when I decided to enter the health field as a career, Massage Therapy was a natural choice for me. I have always been drawn to it, and now I have 3 teenagers always needing something massaged! I love learning new and incredible ways to help people with the things that hurt them physically.

I now have 8 therapists working for you in the Edmonton area and will be expanding to Calgary soon. We can come to your home, or you can come to ours! Make this the year you take care of you! “Healthy is happy”; nothing looks as good as healthy feels.

Another area of my practice is the Emotion Code. Currently, I am the only practitioner at MH&YH. For more information about the Emotion Code, see Services/Rates.

Charlene Muise, RMT – Fort Saskatchewan
David Froese, RMT – Southeast Edmonton

I came to Edmonton when I was 20 years young! I grew up on a vegetable farm in southwestern Ontario. There was plenty of hard work in the hot summer sunshine!! Since I have lived in Edmonton, I have been working as a journeyman Machinist until quite recently. We live on a small acreage and I enjoy gardening and home maintenance. Attending MaKami College of Advanced Massage Therapy with my daughter Rosalie has been a very enjoyable end enriching experience!
My family consists of my dear wife, and four dear children! We are a close-knit family and love going on vacation together. We also attend Church services regularly together, and our faith in God gives us a very real joy, and a living hope of an eternal destiny with our Savior Jesus Christ!
Massage is something that I was always interested in. I was looking for a change in career, and now it’s my passion and joy to have a  part in helping my clients.
 Rebecca Fedorchuk, RMT – West Edmonton

Hello! My name is Rebecca, I’ve been in the Massage wellness industry for just over two years now. I love seeing my clients smile after a treatment every time, that’s the best tip I can get, besides the actual one.

I started working with Tara shortly after the new year and absolutely love it! I live in the West end of Edmonton so any clients needing a professional RMT in the area get me sent to them. I deliver a good punch with an accommodating attitude to guarantee a healthy treatment for both the muscles and the mind. 
 Amal Al Thalthini, RMT – Millwoods
Keziah Ragui, RMT
Shania Rhinehart, RMT
Ayi Rina Nuryati, RMT
Maribel Mamaradlo, RMT